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Ear candling and ear conching by Hopi Indians method - about the treatment
Ear candling and ear conching training courses - place, price and signing in

Ear candling and ear conching by Hopi Indians method - about the treatment

What is ear candling and ear conching by the Hopi Indians method

The third degree Reiki courses Ear candling and ear conching treatment is a pleasant and natural form of therapy. It has been used by various cultures for a long time. They were used by ancient Egyptians, Indians, Tibetans, Chinese, Aztecs, Mayans, as well as Slavs.

The popularity of ear candling grows. The kind of treatment is offered by naturotherapists, beauty and hairdressing salons and SPA salons.

Ear candling helps to free yourself from headaches, pollution of the ear canal, improves hearing, reduces tinnitus, trouble falling asleep and relaxes wonderfully.

Taking a part in the course of ear candling and ear conching with the Hopi Indian method allows you to use this method legally. You get the right diploma and the most important printed information to remember about everything better.

If you are after a course of ear candling and ear conching and you would like to teach this method, you can take a course that will give you such permissions and the title of Cone Master Hopi. He is also possible with me.

What is the difference between candling and conching

Once ear conching was available only for the most important people in the village: chiefs, the best warriors, wise men and shamans. For others, only a candling treatment was available. It was related to the fact that ear conching was considered to be a treatment not only therapeutic, but developing the strength of the spirit and wisdom.
Today, there are no such divisions - everyone can choose ear conching treatment or ear candling.

Differences between conching and ear candling:

We make the ear candling using special candles and ear conching with a special conch.
The ear conching procedure is carried out completely differently than the ear candling treatment.
Ear conching affects stronger, than ear candling.
In addition to removing various types of ailments listed below, ear conching also cleans the entire aura and chakras of the human. The ear candling cleanses only the aura and chakras of the head and neck.
Ear conching is a treatment about twice as long as candling.

Hopi candles and conchs

Candles for ear candling treatment have the form of tubes with an average width of the ear hole. They are about 20 centimeters long and are made of natural beeswax with an admixture of honey, natural essential oils and herbs. Inside, they are padded with cotton fiber. In the lower part of such a candle there may be a thin, silver plate, thanks to which it heats up stronger.

The conch is made of ingredients similar to the candle, but it has the shape of a funnel.

If you think about buying ear candles or conchs, pay attention to whether they have the appropriate approvals, you need to know whether they do not contain artificial admixtures - for example, artificial wax, paraffin, or artificially produced oils, whether they drip and do not break up when burning. Such products are harmful, so you should avoid them. It is better to buy these candles a little more expensive, but good quality than cheaper and less safe for health.

Indications and contraindications for ear candling and ear conching

As for most treatments, in this case we have indications and contraindications.

Indications for ear candling:

- Problems with hearing,
- Excess earwax in the ears,
- A nose or throat throat infection,
- Sinusitis,
- Headaches,
- Nervousness,
- Problems with falling asleep,
- Migraines,
- Problems with vision and smell,
- Low energy – if you need stimulation of energy flow,
- Need of stimulation of lymph and metabolism.

Contraindications to ear candling:

- Rheumy from the ear, especially purulent,
- Ruptured ear drum,
- Allergy to bee products,
- Infectious diseases,
- Ear infections,
- Aneurysms of cerebral vessels,
- Fresh head injuries or ear injuries.

Ear candling and ear conching training courses - place, price and signing in

Courses of ear candling and ear conching

There are 2 stages of ear candling and ear conching courses:
- basic degree - entitles you to perform treatments,
- master degree - it gives you the title of Cone Master Hopi and allows you to run your own courses.

On my courses the first degree of ear candling and conching using the Hopi Indian method you will get to know, among other such things:
- the history of lamination and consecration,
- construction of candles and conchs,
- components of candles and conchs,
- principles of medical treatment of ear candling and ear conching,
- indications for treatments,
- contraindications to the treatments,
- healing massage of the ear – auriculotherapy,
- methodology for doing ear candling treatment,
- they knowledge about aura - esoteric and scientific,
- information about chakras,
- the ear conching procedure.

In addition, you will receive in the price of the course:
- diploma allowing you to perform treatments,
- printed information,
- treatment of ear candling or ear conching.

On the master course of ear candling and conching, in addition to learning the above information, you will also learn:
- what are the healing properties of the ingredients of Hopi’s candles and conchs,
- what other causes of ailments treated with lamination and conching can be,
- what to advise additionally in their case,
- how to make candles and conchs yourself,
- how to choose essential oils and other ingredients for candles and conchs,
- how to conduct courses,
- how to run business,
- how to write the information for your students.

In addition, you will receive in the price of the course:
- diploma, entitling you to conduct courses,
- printed information from the course to make you remember it for ever,
- a pair of ear candles or conchs,
- treatment of ear candling or ear conching.

Why is it worth taking courses of mine?

- I am a certified bioenergotherapist, naturotherapist, master and teacher of Reiki, master of Kundalini Reiki, an advanced pranic healer, pranic psychotherapist, Cone Master Hopi. I defended my diploma thesis with psychoneuroimmunology. I have about 130 diplomas and certificates gained in few different countries, so my qualifications are a guarantee of a high level of courses,
- attractive price of my courses,
- there is a possibility of discounts if you will come with friends or family, who will take a part in the course too - then you all have discounts and treatments,
- always after the course you can ask me questions - I ‘ll give you answers always for free,
- after the master course you get a pair of candles or conchs, thanks to which you can start the treatment immediately after the course,
- I am the only one of the teachers of this method who wrote a full book about ear candling and ear conching; it’s translated into English.

How to sign up for a course of ear candling and ear conching

You must sign up for courses at least 2 days in advance and confirm by text message your arrival on the course no later than by 14 noon the day before.

You can sign up via e-mail - I check it almost every day - or by phone.
Telephone: 0784 8855 298
Telephone number: 0784 99 55 298

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