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This text is an excerpt from my course "Relaxation techniques and stress management"

Music therapy

Relaxation, stress and health. Music therapy Music accompanies humans since the dawn of history. It has always been part of major celebrations, it was used to drive away demons and to drive oneself to a state of higher consciousness. Many people say that music is their whole life.
Certain pieces of music can also be used in the treatment of neuroses and psychosomatic diseases.

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Music was used in teatments since a long time ago. For example, the ancient physicians noted positive effects of music in cases of bites by poisonous snakes (Tadeusz Natanson, "Introduction to the Study of Music Therapy").
The Bible says that Saul was healed from depression thanks to David playing the harp.

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Philosophers, Pythagoras and Teorfast, dealt with the influence of music on human psychophysical health. Gallus used the music in the treatment of sciatica and epilepsy, and the doctor d'Artois, who treated a French duchess d'Artois recommended, as a part of the therapy an eight-day long listening to the harp.

Music was used to mitigate pain, for example the French treasurer d'Autriyal claimed that only music reduced pain from his sore limbs, and Roger felt that listening to music calms him down.

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Lieutaud treated cases of insomnia with music and Kircher - grade fever and pain after amputation. A positive impact of music to the human spirit has been noticed. For example Shilleto and London (1893) wrote that music removes sorrow, increases the willingness to work, thus increases its efficiency, and also calms one down, has a hypnotic effect. Modern research confirms the positive effect of certain pieces of music on the human organism.

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