YOUR IMAGINATION AFFECTS YOUR BODY - you can use this for health

THE POWER OF IMAGINATION - imagine your health and you will be healthy

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This article is an excerpt from my course "PsychoNeuroRegulation - how through the mind affect the health"


The power of mind - imagine your health, you will be healthy

Psychophysiology of visualization

It's proved that the visual cortex is similarly stimulated, when one can see something in real, as well as when we only imagine things. As a result of this process these impulses are being transported to the limbic system and from there to other parts of the body, having an appropriate influence on our organism.

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The same phenomenon refers to the sensomatic, aural and olfactoral cortex's systems (J. W. Kalat, "Biological bases of psychology"). Therefore so-called medical visualisations have great importance in the process of prevention and regaining your health. Applying this technique might assist positive functioning of the organism.

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Visualisation of calmness


1) Imagine chosen event with all details, seeing exactly the place, things and persons that take part in it.

2) With all your senses feel this situation you imagine - see it, hear it etc. It is important!

3)Feel the enormous calmness. The more positive thoughts and emotions you feel and more details of the event you experience the more you convince your subconscious mind that you can afford the relaxation.

4) Feel as if this what you want, feeling of calmness has already happened to you. This way it will motivate to a greater extend your psychological powers to relaxing activity.

5) Hear as if your family and friends full of joy congratulate you on your victory over the stress and the nervousness and feel happiness, pride and satisfaction from achieving this state.

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