HEALING MIND - online course - how your mind affects your health

Healing mind - how the mind affects the body - online course

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PSYCHONEUROREGULATION, or how the mind affects the body - online course

PsychoNeuroRegulation (healing mind) - how the mind affects health
The course program of PNR - PsychoNeuroRegulation
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Healing mind - how your mind affects your health

Healing mind - how you can affect on your health by your mind - online course Your mind affects your health! Your thoughts, feelings, ideas, beliefs, stress or relaxation are of great significance to the immunity of your body to illnesses and diseases. These facts have all been proven by modern medical science called psychoneuroimmunology.

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You can find out how the mind affects health from a scientific point of view. You can also learn mental techniques that will make your health better! And all this without even leaving home - thanks to an interesting online course.

With this unique, one-and-the-only training, you will learn the theory and practice of how the mind affects your health. Up

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Plan of the online course PNR - PsychoNeuroRegulation - healing mind

This course is proprietary. Copyrights belong to its author: Marta Pyrchała-Zarzycka.

Topics of the online course healing mind:

1. Psychoneuroimmunology and psychosomatics
2. Psychoneuroimmunology. Experiments, phenomena, research and its results
3. Nervous system and its interactions with other body systems
4. Immune system. Relationship between different systems
5. Impact of emotions on the body
6. Classification of psychosomatic diseases. Relationship between emotions and the occurrence of certain diseases
7. Impact of stress on health
8. Techniques for freeing oneself from stress
9. Meditation - theory and practice
10. Self-suggestion, affirmation and self-hypnosis for health
11. How to use imagination to restore/maintain health
12. Psychotronic method for health
13. Huna for health
14. Anti-stress health excercises
15. Art therapy. Plasticotherapy, bibliotherapy, choreotherapy and drama therapy
16. Music therapy
17. Basics of self-psychotherapy

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Price of the online course healing mind

The price of the healing mind online course: 120 pounds (GBP), if you want to get diploma in pdf file on your e-mail addresse, 125, if you prefer to get the diploma by post (in UK area).
If you are from another country and would like to get your diploma via post, please, contact with me before to set a price for sending. Thank you.

Special offer - e-learning, online courses, distance learning NOW SPECIAL OFFER: 85 pounds, if you would like to get your diploma in pdf file on your e-mail addresse, 90 pounds, if you prefer to get it via post.
The special offer is for February-June 2018.

Please, inform me in the case of payment via text message. Thanks to this you can be enrolled faster. Thank you.

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