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This text is an excerpt from Reiki course of mine.

Degrees of Reiki

How many degrees of Reiki are there?

Reiki - healing energy. Degrees of Reiki In the traditional Reiki, there are three degrees, referred to as: the First, Second, and Third - Teacher. In the case of traditional Japanese Reiki, the second degree is not divided into the Second and Second Specialist, neither is the Third - into the Third Master and Third Teacher.

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The separation of the second degree has been introduced by Barbara Weber-Ray - a Hawajo Takata's student. It was wrong. However, we also owe this woman something positive, too - a policy of not overcharging for Reiki training courses.

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In the traditional Japanese Reiki, the title of Master does not exist. There is only sensei - a teacher. In Europe, the term Master Teacher is widely used, since people distinguish between apprenticeship and mastership. Here, only masters can be teachers.

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The Japanese Reiki also lacks the Grand Master training course. The Grand Master is exclusively an honorary title. It is awarded for outstanding achievements in Reiki-related activities. Prominence of these achievements is evaluated by other people.

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It comes as no surprise that the Japanese are appalled by the fact that, in some places in the West, the Grand Master title can simply be bought. In their view, such honor should be earned by appropriate measures, rather than paying an amount of money. I share their opinion and when it comes to such issues, I run the training courses in the spirit of traditional teachings.

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