What comes with achieving the first degree of Reiki

Effects of Reiki therapy

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This text is an excerpt from Reiki course.

Effects of Reiki

Reiki - healing energy. Effects of Reiki

What comes with achieving the first degree of Reiki?

When I've completed the first degree of Reiki, my immunity system (I used to get sick a lot) and vision have significantly improved.

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As for my students:

1. One of my students' eyesight also improved significantly (he had severe myopia).

2. Another student managed to avoid knee surgery (he trained professionally and had a serious injury).

3. Another student healed her sister's long-term skin problems. The girl is a pharmacist but she couldn't cope with the ailment with the help of any drugs.

4. One woman got rid of kidney stones. They never appeared afterwards, although she used to have them removed every six months.

5. Another woman removed an ovarian cyst in two weeks (her operation was due in that time).

6. One person who claimed they didn't believe in Reiki, couldn't feel it, and who said they were negative about such treatments, had their mother's swelling and inflammation removed; the mother had had this problem ever since the surgery removal of varicose veins.

7. The very same woman won with cancer. Overall, two of my students once suffered from cancer. Now they're not sick anymore. Some others successfully helped people with cancer.

8. A mother greatly improved her children's resistance to diseases which they often used to suffer from before.

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Note that, although Reiki is a wonderful remedy for removing diseases, it doesn't mean we're miracle workers. We can't make an amputated arm grow back. Also, sometimes comes a time when someone has to go and the only thing we can do for that person is to relieve them from the pain and stress that associates the experience - in other words: improve the quality of passing away. It's also very important and we have to be ready for that.

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Reiki affects not only health, but also the human psyche. Often, I've had the opportunity to witness how, after Reiki, people who were unassertive, insecure and had low self-esteem became assertive and began to act with respect to each other.
People who have so far only wished, but never fulfilled their dreams, now have begun to seize their goals. It's a wonderful property of Reiki.
Positive changes in health and personality of students are associated with the so-called process of cleansing after the initiations.

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