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Evidence of Reiki therapy benefits - experiments, researches

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This text is an excerpt from Reiki course of mine.

Evidence of Reiki - experiments, researches

Reiki - experiments, researches
The effect of Reiki has been scientifically validated.
A significant contribution to the development of research on the effects of Reiki has been made by one of the doctors from Hartford Hospital in Hardfort, Connecticut in the USA.
By 1995, almost 60 000 Reiki treatments have been carried out. Their results were made available on the website of the hospital.

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The doctors have found, for example, the positive effects of Reiki in various inflammatory conditions (which, in fact, form the majority of diseases), pain (including cancer-related pain), weakened immunity and other health problems.

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They have also found that Reiki affects the psyche as well - it reduces stress, improves mood and quality of sleep, reduces depression and anxiety, helps childbirths, eliminates insomnia. The most interesting, however, is that, according to the doctors, performing Reiki treatments from time to time, before and after transplantation, results in exactly zero percent rejection of transplanted organs. This is a very important fact.

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Furthermore, if Reiki treatments are used for some time before and after surgery or a heart transplant, post-operative depression usually occurring in all patients undergoing these operations, does not appear.

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