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This text is an excerpt from Reiki course.

Reiki in the world

Reiki - healing energy. Reiki in the world In Japan, there are special clinics where people are treated with Reiki therapy.
In the USA, people with Reiki degrees often work in hospitals.
In Germany, many doctors refer sick people for Reiki treatments.
In the UK, Reiki therapy is also very popular.
Russians are positive about natural medicine.
In Switzerland, the representatives of academic and natural medicine can cooperate closely together. Hospitals allow their patients to choose the form of the anesthetic before surgery. This can be a pharmacological analgesia, hypnosis or acupuncture.
In Spain, it is normal for a doctor to also be a naturotherapist or biotherapist. Many of them also have special equipment for testing aura.

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This information comes from my students who live abroad.

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Only a few Western countries still remain skeptical about natural medicine. They are Poland and Iceland.
In Iceland, it is even forbidden to use essential oils (aromatherapy). Icelandic authorities ban the things they don't understand.
In Poland, however, skepticism is due to ignorance. People don't know that, for example, the effect of Reiki has been confirmed by doctors.
In addition, some Polish priests speak negatively about natural medicine. However, many educated people of the church don't share their views. An example of such a man is Archbishop Boleslaw Pylak. He believes that biotherapy and radiesthesia are a good way to reap the health of nature and Catholics can appreciate the help of biotherapists and radiesthesits. Pylak himself is a radiesthesis.
Pylak also says that priests speaking negatively about biotherapy and radiesthesia are ignorant, because there are no writings considered sacred in the Catholic religion, which would state that natural remedies are a bad thing.
What is more, in Poland, one of the first teachers of Reiki was a nun, Mariusza Bugaj. She taught the treatment to many lay people as well as nuns, priests and monks. Her training courses were organized by the authorities of the monastery where she lived.

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