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This text is an excerpt from my Reiki course.

Reiki initiations

Reiki - healing energy. Reiki initiations Initiations are special energy treatments that help cleanse the energy channels (meridians) and energy centers (chakras), and also tune the human energy system to Reiki.

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During the initiations, one can feel different sensations. Each of them is proper. They are never identical, because no two people are alike.

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The sensations may be thermal- heat, cold; tactile - the wind, the touch of your hand, tingling; emotional - some people cry, others laugh; visions - of colors, objects, places; others - flashing, spinning sensation, caps on the head (it's associated with the sensation of spinning or extending of chakras) and others. Whatever you feel, whatever you don't feel, it is always appropriate. There are no better or worse feelings.

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When I initiate, the treatment takes place mainly through the etheric aura, since not everyone likes being touched. A person being initiated has their eyes closed and is relaxed. Their hands are placed on the thighs, palms facing upwards. Me, I'm once in front of the person, once behind them, then again in front. When I say "now", it means that you can open your eyes. The whole procedure takes about five minutes.

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Cleansing after initiations

After the initiations, cleansing of energy, psyche and body occurs. Usually, people experience it as a few days of worse psycho-physical well-being. The cold is a very common symptom. The rest of the treatment is imperceptible to us.

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Only certain people go through this process hard and long, a month for example. These are people who are severely ill, have been consuming toxic drugs for years or have traumatic experiences of the past.

Cleansing can be uncomfortable, but it is necessary and positive. It helps to remove the energies of unhealed and healed diseases, so they no longer impact the body. Also, it often happens that cleansing helps to get rid of the impact of past traumas on life, which, in effect, improves its quality.

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In order to make the process of cleansing easier and more soothing, it is advised to perform Reiki treatments for at least a few weeks after the completion of the training course (you can also perform them on others), be at peace with oneself, get enough sleep, eat healthy, bathe in water with two handful of salts (common salt is fine). The latter procedure helps to clear the aura.

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