Astro Salus Education Ltd - testimonials


"I am very pleased with Reiki course provided by Marta. I've got know a lot of interesting things and have done a lot of useful exercices". Barbara Gorny

"Marta is warm, nice person. She has big knowledge and course with her was very interesting". Ewa Radlicz

"In my opinion Marta is great coach. I had classes with the best coaches in my country, but classes with Marta were the most effective. I do reccomend her courses". Adam Topik

"I drived for 7 hours to take a part in Marta's course. I am eager to do this again". Jan Olszewski.

"I took a part in all courses on Marta's e-learning platform (the Polish one, there is nearly 100 courses). I came to her from Spain to take a part in 5 personal courses. I am very happy with this, I got a lot of knowledge and useful exercises. I use the knowledge and practice on my everyday basis in my personal and proffesional life". Kamil Bentley

"I came to Marta from Norway just to take a part in her Reiki courses. I do reccomend them. It positively changed my life" Natalia Dasy

"I took a part in Marta's relaxation techniques and mind programming courses. Thanks to this I overcame deep emotional problems, which had very bad influence on my health" - Magdalena Biala

"I am very happy, that Astro Salus provides so many interesting courses via e-learning platform. Thanks to this I can learn topics I am interested in without leaving home, what is important for me, as I have little babyand it would be difficult to come in person" Aleksandra Romaniv
(the opinion of Aleksandra is about Polish e-learning platform, where is nearly 100 online courses; the online courses are translated into English).