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This text is an excerpt from my Reiki course.

What is Reiki

Reiki - healing energy. What is Reiki In physics, like in electricity, there are many types of energy. In natural medicine, we also distinguish many different types of energy. These are for example: chi, prana and Reiki. Reiki is a healing energy. Reiki treatment is a Japanese biotherapy. It is a natural, effective and very safe method of healing.

The effectiveness of Reiki treatments is scientifically proven. Therefore Reiki is used not only in offices of naturotherapists and biotherapists, but also in many hospitals around the world. In addition, the method Reiki is often used by the massage therapists, physiotherapists and beauticians.

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Everybody can learn Reiki treatment. You can get a benefits from Reiki therapy too. You can learn how to use Reiki therapy through Reiki courses.

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How is Reiki different from other types of energy used in biotherapies?

  • Reiki behaves as if it had its own intelligence, awareness. Only one type of prana works similarly.
  • Reiki cannot be used for malicious purposes.
  • Reiki flows as long as an object or body part needs it. It is not possible to re-energize Reiki (in other biotherapies - it is, since the length of energizing depends on the evaluation of a therapist who can make a mistake).

  • How is the Japanese version of Reiki biotherapy different from other types of biotherapies?

  • Reiki treatments can be carried out regardless of one's physical or mental health. Other biotherapies require a good mood and good health in order to perform the procedure.
  • Reiki treatments can carried out both on the body and the aura.
  • Performing Reiki treatments strengthens the giver, as part of the energy remains within them. Other biotherapies, if done properly and on the very sick people, unfortunately weaken the biotherapist.
  • In Reiki, we do not need to use any shields in order to avoid being affected by the negative energy of a person healed or vice versa. It is because the flow of Reiki energy is the shield within itself.

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